Project Information

  • Client: Kwik Trip/Kwik Star
  • Location: Clear Lake, Iowa
  • Dates: May 2015 - October 2015
  • Size: 7,500 SF
  • Delivery: Negotiated GC Lump-Sum Bid

Project Description

Friendly smiles and fresh food are now being served in Clear Lake’s latest gas station/convenience store/truck center. Kwik Star opened for business on October 9, 2015. Dean Snyder Construction completed construction on the new 7,500 SF project in only 18-weeks and is Kwik Star’s largest and most advanced store with parking for 50 semi-truck/trailers and 70 passenger vehicles. There is room for 26 cars to pump at once, offering gasoline, E-85, and unique to this area, compressed natural gas (CNG), as well as 7 pump islands with diesel fuel.

An extra feature in this Kwik Star is the truck center with showers, a break area, and laundry amenities. Aside from gas and typical snacks, the convenience store also offers fresh bakery goods, milk, eggs, produce, hot sandwiches, and a variety of coffee options.

Kwik Star/Kwik Trip locations are known for their friendly service and quality products at a fair, low price. Based out of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Kwik Star/Kwik Trip has over 475 convenience stores throughout Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.