At Dean Snyder Construction, we feel that a successful project is the result of mutual respect, effective communication, and team collaboration. It is critical that our team understands your project goals and concerns.

As your Construction Manager (CM), Dean Snyder Construction will act on your behalf as a liaison with the project’s design firm, contractors, and subcontractors. Dean Snyder Construction’s CM team provides coordination, administration, and management to ensure smooth progression of your project. Generally speaking, Construction Management is best suited for large, complex projects where you desire to supplement your in-house staff with our construction experts.

We take great pride in collaborating with our customers to deliver successful projects.

Owner’s Representative

As Construction projects become more and more complex, few owners have the resources internally to manage all aspects of design, engineering and construction. Operating as a representative of the owner, DSC’s construction management service has proven effective in both the public and private sectors.

Dean Snyder Construction offers construction management services in two forms:

Agency Construction Management (CMa)

Agency construction management is a delivery system based on the Owner’s agreement with a firm to provide coordination, administration, and management within a defined scope of services. CMa is frequently used on large, complex public projects where the owner desires to supplement in-house staff and expertise. A key element of agency construction management is the owner holds all trade contracts.

Construction Management at Risk (CMc)

Most often used in the private sector, construction management at risk provides many of the same services as agency construction management. In addition, CMc’s typically holds the trade contracts, takes responsibility for the performance for the work, and guarantees the construction costs and schedule.